International Women's Day: Celebrates Angels to Women

By Olivier Jerphagnon, Founder & Editor,

Despite the rise of women executives at the head of some of the largest US corporations and most powerful foreign countries, there are still few women entrepreneurs in high-tech. There are even fewer women investing in early-stage companies. Not that they lack the smarts or the courage to start a business; we all have experienced these qualities in many women in our lives. The difficult choices needed to balance family life and a career, as wells as the limited vocations in the scientific field, are the most common explanations.

For the International Day of Women, we decided to talk to two women who started a business angel network. Brigitte Baumann is the founder of Go Beyond in Geneva, and she is the President of the Board of EBAN, the European trade association for Business Angels and Seed Funds. Stephanie Hanbury-Brown has been a Managing Director at Golden Seeds since its inception in the New York City in 2004. They accepted to share their experience, and allowed us to go beyond stereotypes. They are, in the true sense of the word, angels to other women.

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